Favorite Places/Space: The Lake Geneva Antique Mall

Hey Guys! Jeff here, I hope to share some thoughts I've had since moving to Lake Geneva last fall. And quite possibly making a habit of it!

Let's talk about antiquing at The Lake Geneva Antique Mall!

First I'd like to point out that it's only a ten minute walk. From The Humble BnB and Second I don't think I can truly explain how happy we were to find them, THIS SHOP ROCKS !!!

You'll realize this when you check out the work bench (currently used as island in kitchen ) or the Barrister Bookcase (the one with books in it in front room) or even the Curio at the top of the stairs. (Check out Beth's dog collection) and a beautiful dresser (this gem is fitting in The Queen Bee).

We seem to stop in every couple of weeks, and always find new items that peek our interest. The proof is in the use of said items in the multitude of displays and vignettes .
 So be sure to schedule some time to visit them during your stay at the Humble BnB.